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Just recently, I visited the beautiful city of Prague for the first time, hosted by my good friend, George Nemec, the Global Brand Ambassador for Becherovka, his country’s national spirit. The show is only in its third year and I was seriously impressed with how good the show was, attracting a great crowd and some big name speakers such as Ian Burrel, Marian Beke and Roman Foltan and Alex Kratena from London’s Artesian.

Becherovka built a gorgeous wooden ski hut just inside the entrance of the show where they were dispensing a delicious concoction based on a hot buttered rum. It kept many of us warm throughout the day.

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It was from this gorgeous stage – which provided some welcome respite from the onset of winter – that I presented two seminars on aperitifs and digestifs, showcasing the great versatility of Becherovka, a product I’ve only worked with briefly in the past but one that I think has great potential in America and beyond. I especially like it icy cold as a shot followed by one of that country’s famous pilsners in true boilermaker style. It also works wonderfully in cocktails and here’s one of the aperitifs I made at the show.

1 oz. vodka
½ oz. Becherovka
½ oz. yuzu juice
½ oz. thyme syrup
Stir with ice and strain into a chilled flute
Top with champagne
Garnish with fresh thyme.


The Prague bar scene is alive and kicking and I visited some really amazing venues. Bugsy’s, with its obscene selection of champagne (way out of my price range) and one of the most spectacular cocktail menus I’ve ever seen; Black Angels  is definitely one of the greatest hotel bars in the world today; and Bar Hemingway was my favorite of all, where I had a pitch perfect example of Papa’s preferred Daiquiri.

Kudos George and all your team. It was a pleasure to present to a really passionate and inquisitive crowd of professionals. I can’t wait to comeback next year.


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