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Sure, I spend too much time (and money) in bars and drink far too many cocktails than any doctor (or my mother) would advise. And sure, as a food and drinks writer I can string a sentence together (not always so eloquently after a few of said cocktails) and get the occasional free trip somewhere. But I can do other stuff too you know. I am also available to bartend at or create cocktails for special events (especially if there’s a cool gift bag), consult to your bar, create your cocktail menu or beverage program, judge your cocktail competition, speak at your bar or food show and style your photo shoot. I’ve styled hundreds of high gloss spreads for magazines and advertizing campaigns and there are some fine examples on this very page. Also, if you have an interesting spirit or product that you’d like me to research and write about and want to take me to where it’s made, then I’m down for that too. I especially like trips that involve swim up bars, cocktail umbrellas and coconut oil. Preferably in that order. Just sayin’.

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